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Table 1 Comparison of transposable element (TE) histone modification enrichments found in this study with those of previous studies.

From: Epigenetic histone modifications of human transposable elements: genome defense versus exaptation

Enriched in previous studya Status in current studyb
Kondo and Issa 2003 (Human) [19]
SINE: H3K9me2 Depleted
Martens et al. 2005 (Mouse) [20]
SINE: H3K9me3 Depleted
SINE: H3K27me3 Enriched
SINE: H4K20me3 Depleted
LTR: H3K9me3 Enriched
LTR: H3K27me3 Enriched
LTR: H4K20me3 Depleted
DNA: H3K27me3 Enriched
DNA: H4K20me3 Depleted
Mikkelsen et al. 2007 (Mouse) [8]
LTR: H3K9me3 Enriched
LTR: H4K20me3 Depleted
Pauler et al. 2008 (Mouse) [22]
SINE: H3K27me3 Enriched
  1. a TE classes (SINE, LINE, LTR or DNA) that were shown to be enriched for specific histone modifications (as shown) in previous studies.
  2. b Status of the same TE class-histone modification pairs as enriched or depleted in this study