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Table 2 Targeted mutations to the conserved CCCH residues in TnsD eliminates Tn7 transposition and TnsD-attTn7 binding.

From: Characterization of the TnsD-attTn7 complex that promotes site-specific insertion of Tn7

Protein Relative attTn7 binding in vitro Relative transposition frequency in vivo
TnsD wt 1.0 1.0a
TnsD C124S 0.05 < 0.001
TnsD C127S 0.05 < 0.001
TnsD C152S 0.05 < 0.001
TnsD C155S 0.05 < 0.001
  1. aThe transposition frequency in the presence of TnsD wt is 7.8 × 10-4.