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Table 7 Chi-square or Fisher's exact test for the frequency of ≥1-bp microhomologies (MHs)

From: Different integration site structures between L1 protein-mediated retrotransposition in cis and retrotransposition in trans

Comparison P-value
5'-inverted L1 > 5'-truncated L1 5.9e-21***
5'-truncated L1 > Full-length L1 1.1e-43***
5'-truncated L1 > 5'-truncated Alu 9.8e-46***
5' junction of 5'-inverted L1 > Inversion junction of 5'-inverted L1 3.6e-11***
Inversion junction of 5'-inverted L1 > 5' junction of full-length L1 2.3e-51***
5'-truncated L1 > 5'-truncated SVA 2.3e-5***
5'-truncated L1 > 5'-truncated mRNA retrocopies 3.7e-6***
  1. *** P-value < 0.001